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M. in a line 4 cm long. Its velocity when passes through the centre of the line is 12 cm/sec. Find the time period. 7r [Ans. " Upto 19th century there was no consideration of sound effects in the halls, auditorium etc. All the buildings such as cinema halls, theatres etc. were found to have unsatisfactory sound means, as there was huge dearth of knowledge on accoustics. In the 19th century a scientist named C. Sabine faced similar problems and suggested ways to get better sound quality and effects in the halls, cinema halls, auditorium.

Seats Cushioned 7. sec. T2 Find the reverberation time for a hall of2600m 3 with a seating capacity of200 Persons (a) with empty (b) when ful with audience from the folIowing data. Surface 6. 89 [Ans. 05 sec. ] What is reverberation time of a hall of 3000m volume and 1850m 2 area. 2 omu. [Ans. ] A man shouts into a mine. 2 sec. If the velocity of sound is 340 m/s. Find the depthe of the mine. [Ans. 714 m] A tunning fork frequency 284 Hz is emitting sound waves of velocity 330 m/sec in air. Find the wavelength of waves emitted.

60 sec. What is the weight of the body? SOLUTION :- If m = 50 kg. 2 k = 2450 N/m \27\ The time period is given by. 60 sec . 60 .. 34 kg. 93 N Ans. CANTILEVER :"A beam fixed horizentally at one end and free to vibrate at the other end is called conti lever. " Let us take a weightless rod AB, fixed at point A with the help of a clamp and the other end B is free. Now we placed the weight m on the free end B which bends the beam to position B' as shown in fig. 13). As the weight increase the cantilever starts to vibrate.

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