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By Alex Vary (auth.), John C. Duke Jr. (eds.)

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Finding and slzmg cracks and different crack-like discontinuities has been the heart of recognition for scientists and engineers constructing and utilizing nondestructive overview (NDE) know-how. although, with complex mate­ rials being "engineered" and utilized in severe structural elements, a brand new for NDE has emerged. while many conventional engineering materi­ problem als fail a result of initiation and self-similar propagation of a crack, bolstered composite fabrics degrade and fail in a way extra analogously to the cave in of a constitution. accordingly the NDE of such fabrics includes assessing the mixed impact of the material's broken situation instead of deciding upon and sizing unmarried serious imperfection. In 1979 Alex fluctuate, looking to handle the problem confronting the NDE of complex fiber bolstered composite fabrics all started paintings on a brand new approach to fabrics characterization. targeting the matter of comparing graphite fiber reinforcedl epoxy laminated plates; range used a piezoelectric transducer to excite a mechanical disturbance in a plate and, with a sensi­ tive piezoelectric transducer monitored the disturbance at the comparable floor of the plate. (Placing the transducers at the related floor used to be basically for sensible goal yet their displacement towards expected provider load was once of basic significance!) To quantify this statement, he counted the variety of tours, of the ensuing electric sign, above a arbitrary voltage threshold; a approach often used for acoustic emission sign analysis.

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28) which in general admits the complex solutions (30) From eq. (30) the phase velocity is given as C r =

Equations (12-15) are the dispersion relations for flexural waves traveling in symmetrie quasi-isotropie and symmetrie eross-flY laminates. A similar approach has been investigated by Sun and Tan. 1 However, shear eorreetion faetors are not inc1uded in their model. Oz + owl ax where u, v, ware the displacement components in the x, y and z directions, respectively. Dur problem is to solve the equations of motion OOxl ax + h xyl ax + or xzl OZ = or xyl ax + OOyl ax + or yzl OZ = h xzl ax + or yzl ax + oozloz = P 02ul 01 2 P 02vl 012 (18) P 02 w 101 2 subjected to the traction-free boundary conditions Oz = r xz = r yz = 0 at z = +h/2 (19) Green 16 suggested that for waves propagating in the plane of the plate in a direction making an angle with the x axis the displacements have the form u = U(z)sin[k(llx + l2Y) - wt] v = V(z)sin[k(llx + l2Y) - wt] (20) w = W(z)COS[k(lIX + l2Y) - wt] For flexural waves, the lateral displacement w must be an even function of z, while the in-plane displacements u and v must be odd in z.

Henneke 11, and R. C. Stiffler Department of Engineering Scienee and Meehanies Virginia Polyteehnie Institute and State University Blaeksburg, VA 24061-4899 ABSTRACT Shear deformation and rotary inertia are inc1uded in plate theory to determine the dispersion eurves for flexural waves propagating in laminated eomposite plates. The results of a unidireetional laminate are eompared with the elasticity solutions for flexural waves traveling in transversely isotropie plates to determine the shear eorreetion faetors in the low frequeney, long wavelength range.

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