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See table 5-3 for gradation requirements for crushed stone, gravel, and slag. Consult guide specifications for gradation of materials not included in table 5-l. Table 5-3. Sieve Designation Gradation of Aggregates for Graded Crushed Aggregate Base Course Percentage by Weight Passing Square-Mesh· Sieve No. 2 No. 3 No. 1 - --- --- 2-inch 100 1-1/2 inch 70-100 100 l-inch 45-80 60-100 100 1/2-inch 30-60' 30-65 40-70 No. 4 20-50 20-50 20-50 No. 10 15-40 15-40 15-40 ' .... No. 40 5-25 5-25 5-25 No. 200 0-10 0-10 0-10 5-6.

From table 5-2, the required minimum thickness of the surface course is 4 inches and of the base, 9 inches. Use 4 inch asphalt concrete surface and 11 inches of 100 CBR base to provide the IS inches required above the 30 CBR subbase. (4) The required thickness of subbase is 13 inches (28 inches less 15 inches). (S) From table 3-3 it is determined that for cohesive subgrade soils, 95 percent compaction is required to 3 feet below pavement surface and 90 percent compaction to a 4-1/2- foot depth.

Thickness of S·urface and base course 3. Determine design CBR of subbase material (see chapter 4). 4. Enter top of curve at design CBR of subbase, follow procedure in procedure 2 above to obtain required thickness of base and surface above subbase course. 5. Determine the required mm1mum thickness of base and surface from table 5-2. Increase combined thickness of base and surface to required minimum, if necessary. Thickness of subbase course 6. Subtract thickness of surface and base from the total thickness to obtain the required thickness of subbase.

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