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This article makes a true attempt to ease the transition from computational to theoretical maths. it's written in actual fact and easily, as though it's the first time a pupil has fairly needed to comprehend an evidence and the examples substantiate this with their visible readability and sympathetic method. workouts strengthen the teachings; many straightforward routines before everything strengthen the scholars' skill and supply encouragement. This publication may be of curiosity to measure and degree scholars in departments of arithmetic; assumes a grounding in calculus.

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8 In particular, the infinite sums in the statement are meaningful. 3. Structure of measurable functions 15 We could use the (discontinuous9 ) convention 0 · ∞ = 0 and10 it is easy to verify that this new multiplication is associative, commutative, with neutral element 1, distributive with respect to the addition. 4 below. 1. Let (X, M) be a measurable space and let (fn )n∈N be a sequence of measurable functions from Xinto R. Then the functions sup fn , inf fn , lim sup fn , lim inf fn are measurable.

0. We shall write dλ = νdμ and say that λ is the measure with density ν with respect to μ. Proof. 4. 2 implies λν (∪j≥0 Aj ) = ν · 1Aj dμ = νdμ = ∪j≥0 Aj X j≥0 ν · 1Aj dμ = j≥0 X λν (Aj ), j≥0 proving the first statement in the proposition. For a simple function f , we have f = 1≤j≤m αj 1Aj and we may assume that the αj are positive real numbers. 3, we obtain αj 1Aj · νdμ = f dλν = X X 1≤j≤m f · νdμ, X which is the sought result when f is a simple function. 1, providing with simple functions (sk ) converging pointwise increasingly to f , f dλν X 24 We = sup B.

We check the set > 0 and let s be a n→∞ fn dμ = sup X n∈N X X En = {x ∈ X, (1 − )s(x) ≤ fn (x)}, ⎧ 3 ⎪ ⎨xn , 22 We may consider on [0, 1], f (x) = 2 2n − xn3 , n ⎪ ⎩ 0 for 0 ≤ x ≤ 1/n, for 1/n ≤ x ≤ 2/n, elsewhere. tinuous functions (fn ) converges pointwise towards 0, nevertheless 1 0 The sequence of con- fn (x)dx = n → +∞. 6. Three basic convergence theorems 29 which is measurable since s and fn are both measurable and thus f − (1 − )s (meaningful since s takes finite values) is also measurable.

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